Interibat is setting up SECURIBAT as a customised service for providing Qualified CFST Safety Officers to assist businesses with establishing and regularly auditing compliance with safety regulations. CFST is the Swiss Federal Commission for Occupational Safety. Securibat will therefore perform the role of an enforcement authority (Swiss Federal Accident Insurance Law (LAA) Art. 83 1-2).

Industrial and construction firms are particularly exposed to the risk of employee injuries caused by in industrial accidents.

It is the employer's obligation to ensure that employees comply with all preventive measures against occupational accidents (OAs) and occupational diseases (ODs). In turn, the employee is required to support the employer in the correct implementation of these legal provisions (Swiss Federal Accident Insurance Law (LAA - Art. 82) and the Swiss Labour Law (LTr - Art. 6-7-8). Yet setting up the required measures for compliance with these obligations in the workplace is not always easy, and some firms may lack the necessary resources.

Signing an agreement with SECURIBAT is the ideal way for your firm to proactively prevent OAs and ODs, with all the attendant benefits for your business. These include protection from premium increases, and fewer, and especially less severe, OAs and ODs.

An assessment and list of potential hazards will be prepared using SUVA form Pro 66105, along with the signature of a safety charter for your business.

Contact details

To find out more about our service, please contact:

Mr Genoud Pascal, Qualified CFST Safety Officer

He will be happy to meet with you to find the best solution for your business, anywhere in French-speaking Switzerland.

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